Nigel Wallis

Contributor: Nigel Wallis
Nigel is an experienced commercial lawyer and a partner at specialist corporate, insurance and regulatory law firm O’Connors LLP.

His role is to engage with the corporate community and work with senior management to help them diagnose problems or identify market opportunities and access the specialist input they need to achieve their plans.

Once Hoylake's most famous mobile DJ, he is now more likely to slip a disc than spin one as he thunders gracelessly round the tennis court.

Tip1 Listen to what your clients really want - and why
Tip2 Tell your clients what they need to hear - not what they want to hear
Tip3 Avoid bulls**t – clients can smell it a mile off
Tip4 Don’t take on work you can’t handle – it will keep you awake at night
Tip5 Remember that loss leaders lead to losses
Tip6 Clients will only instruct you once they know you, like you and trust you
Tip7 If something seems too good to be true, it probably is
Tip8 Clients buy experience not technical expertise
Tip9 Mixing business and pleasure is no longer illegal
Tip10 Be yourself – clients prefer it
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