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Contributor: Art In Liverpool
Ian & Minako Jackson are the Directors of CIC.
Ian created the website in 2004 and started blogging from the start of the Liverpool Biennial that year. He had worked for many years
as a Programmer/Analyst in the Computing Services dept of the University of Liverpool before retiring in 2002.
Minako was born in Tokyo but has lived in Liverpool since 2004. As well as working on artinliverpool she is a freelance translator and interpreter.
Artinliverpool also organise the Liverpool Art Prize and produce the Liverpool Art Map

Tip1 Content is King. The more relevant information online the more likely you are to be found and re-visited.
Tip2 Be comprehensive, up-to-date, accurate.
Tip3 No frills on web design, make it easy to navigate.
Tip4 Information gathering and broadcasting (face-to-face, google alerts, rss, twitter, facebook etc).
Tip5 Fast-on-the-feet, pro-active, re-active, above all active.
Tip6 Being independent helps. No reliance on funding with its strings, criteria, reporting etc.
Tip7 Flexible, adapt to new technologies, try new things, some may be a waste of time but being in at the start really helps.
Tip8 Timing & gap in the market (timing to start the blog, no one was doing art listings and cultural awareness has risen thanks to Capital of Culture, the rise in status of the Biennial etc.)
Tip9 Love/dedication - readers see and are encouraged by your enthusiasm for the subject and of course the opposite is also true.
Tip10 Fun/enjoy what we are doing - notice none of these tips are about making money, we'll leave that to others, we're here to have fun.
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