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If you need to communicate ideas, concepts, campaigns, facts, figures, stories or messages, and you want to influence audiences (small, targeted, wide, large or mass) we can help you...

River will focus your ideas, design and produce your media and then reach your desired audience with emotive, effective and stunningly high quality digital content.

Tip1 Get to grips with relevant technology – it could transform how you work and how you get to see your ideas through. Nearly every great creative artist I’ve had the privilege to work with has also had immense technological expertise. Sometimes it’s no use just knowing the way if you can’t drive the car.
Tip2 Don’t throw away an idea that’s been rejected. Put it on ice for a while. There’ll be a time and place for it. Similarly don’t force a concept/idea or gnaw away on it like a dog with a bone – if it’s not working, shelve it for the time-being.
Tip3 Never never never miss a deadline. There’s simply no point you working in media if you do.
Tip4 Do your pre-production meticulously. It’s 90% of any creative project. Good pre-prod will not only save you time and money but will help your project to avoid unravelling somewhere down the line.
Tip5 Allow other talents around you to shine – you’ll get better creative input and more energy behind a production.
Tip6 When you’re pitching to commissioners you need to be natural and passionate about your material, and you need to be knowledgeable around your material. They won’t just be thinking “is this a good creative solution?” they’ll also be thinking “can I work with this person?”
Tip7 Read lots of books. They open your imagination to new ideas and new ways of telling stories. Watching and consuming screen-based media will definitely expose you to different visual styles and aesthetic approaches, but the content or storyline can sometimes be predictable.
Tip8 Share your knowledge and experience – it’s how creative relationships are formed. People who are secretive or guarded about processes of work are not just insecure but usually have limited talent.
Tip9 Only have nine top tips. It’s a more magical and mysterious number anyway.
Tip10 See No. 9
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