Anita Williams

Contributor: Anita Williams
Anita is a very keen marathon runner.

Tip1 Find and run for a charity you believe in (you wont want to let them or yourself down) I did my last marathon run for Help for Heroes, once we got in touch with them they were really enthusiastic and helpful to us before and after, we were also invited to meet some of their heroes at a reception in their barracks straight after our race, it was very inspirational to us We called ourselves the Fab 4 from Liverpool (no not that fab4) We are four girls who run for Picton Running Club Liverpool. We have been friends for years now and all share a common interest 'Running' We all ran in this years Virgin London Marathon to raise money for Help For Heroes, we set ourselves a target of £500 but so far have managed £1,797.00.
Tip2 Training. Be prepared start your training early, build up the miles slowly, try to run up too 22 miles 3 weeks before the big day (find yourself some running buddies, you can put the world to rights as you go along).
Tip3 Tapering. Taper for 3 weeks before the marathon, you need to let your body recover before you get to the start line. Cut back on the miles, your legs will thank you for it.
Tip4 Carbo load the week before you race, eat lots of pasta, bread, cakes etc ( a good time to enjoy having lots to eat)
Tip5 Have your name on your vest, listening to the crowds shout your name will help to get you around
Tip6 On the start line: For the first 20 or so miles it will be 90% effort and 10% mind over matter, towards the end it will be 90% mind over matter and 10% effort.
Tip7 Start slowly, don’t be tempted to get carried along with the crowd, go at your own pace and stick to it.
Tip8 Water and gels: Make sure you drink plenty of fluids along the way especially on a hot day. Energy gels, find a make that you and (your body) likes, try them out before race day.
Tip9 When you do make it too the finish try not to go over the line with a Womble or a giraffe (makes you look slow on the finish photos).
Tip10 Apply for the next marathon!!!
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