Stephanie Davies

Contributor: Stephanie Davies
On leaving Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts in 2002 i began performing stand-up comedy, firing my fascination with the power of laughter and humour.

After attending Dr Kataria’s Laughter Leader course I was accepted as a participant in world-renowned, Dr Patch Adams’s Health Care Intensive Training in the USA. I worked with Patch exploring the relationship between health, humour, community and the arts.

I now have over ten years experience working in the public and private sector designing and delivering laughter and humour interventions for businesses, practitioners, clients, young people and adults. Stephanie is recognised as one of the UK’s leading voices in laughter and humour. Now Director and founder of Laughology, a unique concept that draws upon the thought process of humour.

Allowing individuals and organisations to look at challenges in a new light using cognitive humour processing to move forward and gain control in difficult times. Enhancing emotional intelligence and well-being and improving performance.

Qualifications include: An M.A in The Psychology of Laughter, Humour and Personal Growth; B.A Hons in Community Arts; Advanced Skills practice in Creative Teaching and Cognition, JMU; Graduate of The Health Care Intensive Programme, with Patch Adams MD USA; Graduate of Dr Madan Kataria’s Laughter Techniques Programme; NLP Practitioners Diploma; Cognitive Behaviour Psychology diploma Edge Hill university and is currently working towards her final Clinical health psychology study to complete her practice diploma. Stephanie is recognised as one of the leading voices in laughter and humour being invited to speak about her work at conferences nationally and internationally.

Tip1 Believe in what you’re doing, this is vital for when you get the knock backs.
Tip2 Become very focused on what your doing and want to achieve set out some goals of where you want to be and by when
Tip3 If you don’t get something right the first time round or someone says no, find another way, don’t just take the first answer.
Tip4 Always be nice to people on the way up, you never know when you may need them on the way down.
Tip5 Have a strong group of friends around you for support and to talk to on the down days. Know the people who you can turn to for advice.
Tip6 If you’re running a business in laughter and humour like I am have a very strong team around you, people who also believe in what your doing a new business especially needs that.
Tip7 Get different pieces of advice from different people then make up your own mind, based on all the facts, always think big picture before you act.
Tip8 Dream big, think about what you want to achieve and work backwards.
Tip9 Have some people you aspire to be like, so you can look at how they did it.
Tip10 Always have fun with what you do and enjoy every minute of it, even the hard times, as long as you learn something they’re worth it.
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