Glenn Meads

Contributor: Glenn Meads
Glenn is a freelance journalist and full time film and media tutor. He has been working for newspapers since 1993, whilst still at college. In 1998 he graduated from City University with a degree in Journalism and a Social Science. He currently works as the Manchester editor for writing reviews, news and features. He also writes gig reviews for the Manchester Evening News. His favourite interviewees are Willy Russell, Enrique Iglesias, Sophie Ellis Bexter and Rupert Hill. Glenn is a keen theatre goer outside of the Northwest also and he particularly enjoys the work of Willy Russell, Druid, Alan Bennett and Tennesee Williams and The Donmar and The Menier Chocolate Factory. Within his lessons, Glenn enjoys teaching students how to put feature articles together as he believes that students respect him as a practioner as well as their tutor.

Tip1 Don't go into it for the money.
Tip2 Volunteer to begin with to get your name in print.
Tip3 Build up a contacts file - essential and you can then call upon these people when you are covering a story/feature.
Tip4 Get a cheap mobile phone contract as you will be using it all the time.
Tip5 Juggle two careers at once as you will struggle to live on freelancing alone.
Tip6 Write with passion and authority and it not only attracts readers, but it will get you other work.
Tip7 Choose a specialism you have a keen interest in and put this across in your work.
Tip8 Keep updating your CV constantly.
Tip9 Keep a cuttings file or store your work on a website so that it can be easily accessed by others.
Tip10 Use Twitter, Facebook - anything to get your work seen as the internet is available on the move.
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