Michael Doran

Contributor: Michael Doran
Press officer for Liverpool City Council.

Tip1 Get to know your media - the people and the stories they report on. The more you get to know them understand how they operate - the better you become.
Tip2 Be honest and be friendly. Two essentials which cost nothing but pay huge dividends.
Tip3 When writing a press release - think visual. And think audio. As well as newspapers and online, how can you make your story appeal to radio and TV.
Tip4 Be quick and be accurate. Deadlines are constant, especially in 24-hour news cycle and digital age. And journalists appreciate speed.
Tip5 Timing. Keep an eye on global and national issues and think how you can take advantage of it to promote your cause/story.
Tip6 Contacts. Always keep their details up to date. It saves time and makes you more efficient.
Tip7 Keep calm. It never pays to panic. If you make a mistake – try and amend as quick as possible. Learn. And move on.
Tip8 Be open to ideas and suggestions. Colleagues sometimes have better ones than you. And they’re great as a sounding board for your own.
Tip9 Don’t take criticism too personally. Listen to it - and you will improve.
Tip10 Believe in your story. If you don’t – no-one else will.
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