John Bridge

Contributor: John Bridge
John Bridge is Communications Manager at Bill Elms Associates LTD, a marketing company based on Hope Street in Liverpool which specialises in live entertainment and ticketed events. Clients include and have included Merseyside Dance Initiative, Liverpool Pride, House of Suarez, Waverley Productions LTD, Clapperboard UK LTD, Tmesis, Pulse Productions, The Scarborough Open Air Theatre and the Tutankahmun exhibition soon to open at the Museums of Museums, Trafford Centre, Manchester.

John Graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Business and Public Relations from Liverpool John Moore’s University in July 2009. Before Graduating, John held the position of Assistant Marketing Officer at the Liverpool Empire Theatre, after being promoted from working in the theatre’s Box Office and Front of House Departments. John left the Empire Theatre after graduating to take up the position of Marketing and Public Relations Officer at Liverpool’s Unity Theatre, which saw the theatre achieve an unprecedented amount of press coverage for their Autumn and Spring Seasons, boosting the theatre’s presence as it entered its 30th anniversary year on Hope Place. John left Unity in April 2010 after being offered the position at Bill Elms Associates, and hasn’t looked back since.

Tip1 Grab every opportunity you can to learn and gain experience, I’m only a year out of university and definitely wouldn’t have the job I have without all of the great experience I got whilst I was still in education.
Tip2 Listen, firstly to the client, find out what they’re all about and what their wants and needs are otherwise, how can you represent them properly. Secondly, to everything around you, friends, colleagues, contacts, other businesses etc, you never know when an opportunity might crop up for you to promote your business, a client or yourself.
Tip3 Keep a notebook with you, it sounds clichéd and silly but some of my best ideas have come to me either in the middle of the night or when I haven’t been in work.
Tip4 Never turn down an invitation to an event you can network at and always carry your business card, you never know who else might be at the place you’re going to and even if you only make one new contact, the night has been a success
Tip5 Never assume you know everything and keep at the forefront of your game. Make sure you’re aware of the new technologies and methods available to you, they may come in handy and can work to your advantage, just because you’ve got the job you always wanted doesn’t mean you’ll always be any good at it or the best at it, unless you keep learning and implementing new things. You’ll notice the difference especially when you’re the first company in your sector/area to use them. We’ve recently used QR codes with a number of our clients as a method for increasing data capture, and it’s worked fantastically, partly because very few arts organisations have cottoned on.
Tip6 At the same time, don’t forget the basics. Sometimes, just having a targeted presence of leaflets around the city can work best...
Tip7 Wherever you go, always pick up magazines, leaflets and any sort of print, you could find inspiration for your next great campaign or find a great place to advertise or to pitch for editorial.
Tip8 Don’t be afraid of change or being the first to try new things, both can work wonders for your organisation, it’s always great to stay ahead of the pack and to never be on the back foot.
Tip9 Plan, plan plan, organisation is everything. I wouldn’t consider myself the cleverest person in the world, but I organise everything as I need it and make sure that everything I do fits into my overall plan and/or strategy for that particular client. Being organised will allow you to plan your time effectively and to keep on top of your workload, whilst (if you’re terribly forgetful like me) always being reminded of what you need to do at a particular time and what your team needs to be getting on with too. You’ll also be able to answer any questions from your boss or your clients if you know exactly where you’re up to with a particular project and can show it in a nice spreadsheet or Gantt chart.
Tip10 Have fun and enjoy yourself. In my opinion, the best marketers and PR people are the ones who are most passionate about marketing and PR in the first place.
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