David Parrish

Contributor: David Parrish
David is a business adviser, trainer and writer, helping creative people world-wide make their businesses and organisations even more successful.

Tip1 Success. Define success for yourself. Don't try to emulate what other people think of as success. Be clear about your own unique and personal definition then go for it!
Tip2 Know Yourself. Understand your characteristics, your creative passions, your ambitions and strengths.
Tip3 Competitors. If you are using your creativity in business (not just as a hobby) you have to be aware of competitors. Understand where you sit in the competitive marketplace. Identify your strengths relative to others.
Tip4 Customers. Choose customers carefully. Not all customers are good customers.
Tip5 Co-opetition. For some projects, it can make sense to co-operate with competitors. Collaborate creatively.
Tip6 Marketing. Effective marketing isn't about trying to sell to everyone and anyone. It's about choosing the markets that best suit your products or services. Marketing should be strategic.
Tip7 Listen. Understand customers' points of view. Sell customer benefits, not product features.
Tip8 Focus. It's better to succeed at doing one thing really well than to fail trying to do too many things.
Tip9 Creativity and Business. Remember that creativity and business don't have to conflict. In fact they can be combined in harmony; you can be creative and commercially successful!
Tip10 Read my book/eBook: 'T-Shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity'
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