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Contributor: Maxine Bristow
A Bit About Team MAX

Take it to MAX was established as a direct response to the demands and pressures of modern day living.

Following on from this Team MAX (which operates as part of Take it to MAX) was setup to further develop a concept of well-being, healthy living and to ensure the “Personal Touch” within your personal training remains key to our service.

Team MAX personal trainers make it their business to provide you with the best possible help and advice you can get anywhere, and the relationship they build with you is as important as the programmes themselves.

We do not have a judgemental approach and more than anything we listen to YOU.

Whether you are a complete novice or toned athlete we will cater for your individual needs.

Tip1 be energetic, enthusiastic, passionate and care about your client
Tip2 talk in simple terms, avoid using too many technical terms unless you know that's what your clients want
Tip3 remember its not about you it s about Them ...motivate, not humiliate your clients give the client what they want and not want you want them to have
Tip4 take time to discuss goals and ensure you give your client a 'can do' positive approach before training commences , track progression and remind your client on progression made
Tip5 know your clients limits , encourage and tease your clients out of their comforts zones ,don't bully them way out of it !!
Tip6 set goals.. aim to have 10 mini goals in order to reach one main goal
Tip7 have the ability to communicate with all people on all levels
Tip8 keep skills and knowledge updated
Tip9 discretion ... your client will build up a close relationship with you , ensure you value and respect your clients privacy
Tip10 remember your dealing with people not robots so ensure you have variety of approaches and teaching styles , not a one size fits all attitude and finally GET your clients - RESULTS !!!!
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