Mark Reader

Contributor: Mark Reader
Mark Reader has been a professional musician for over 35 years and has worked all over Europe as a guitarist/singer with people like PJ Proby, Alec Dankworth, Twopence to cross the Mersey. He worked for BBC Television as Musical Director/Producer on children’s programs on programs such as, “Bitsa”, “We are the champions”, “Words and pictures”.

Tonewood was set up as an Analogue studio to provide music for BBC in 1991, and has gone from strength to strength, working with local bands and songwriters to become one of Liverpool’s top recording studios, now running Pro-Tools HD 2

Tip1 Always use quality recording equipment
Tip2 Make sure you know how to get the best from it.
Tip3 Keep up to date with the latest techniques
Tip4 Keep your studio and toilets clean and comfortable
Tip5 Learn how to make great Tea and Coffee
Tip6 Remember that the client has saved up and been looking forward to the session, so make sure everything is prepared and ready to go
Tip7 Don’t interfere with the recording process, creativity, unless asked to do so by the client. Most people have spent a long time preparing and don’t want an outsider telling them that they should do it a different way
Tip8 Keep up with your admin, there’s nothing worse than taking your mind away from recording by worrying about your accounts
Tip9 Learn to use a soldering iron
Tip10 Keep up to date with Health and Safety, PAT testing and fire extinguishers
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