Adam McKay

Contributor: Adam McKay
Commercial Litigation/Insolvency lawyer… not everyone’s cup of tea but nor is marmite.

Tip1 Don’t be under-capitalised at inception. Cash is king.
Tip2 Find a brand identity and work it into all of your stationery, website, office decoration etc set up to create a strong image.
Tip3 Stick to what your good at and be focused. Not everyone will like you or what you do. Accept it and move on.
Tip4 Use technology for efficiency and to reduce costs.
Tip5 Be nice to your Bank Manager (sometimes).
Tip6 Always get the best Accountant and best Lawyer you can afford; they will save you money in the long run.
Tip7 Never appear hungry; Act like you don’t need the work!
Tip8 Be nice to people you meet, (unless they don’t deserve it) It builds goodwill
Tip9 If you can do someone a favour, do it. It will be returned (usually)
Tip10 A good client is someone who pays his/her/it’s bills. No matter how nice she/he/it may be or how many drinks/parties/barmitzvahs/weddings they invite you to, if they don’t pay a bill get rid of them and then sue them with alarming vigour.
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