Kate Liddell

Contributor: Kate Liddell

I had my first child at the age of 33 and my second at the age of 39. I’m in a loving relationship, he and my children are everything to me.

I would like to dispel the beliefs that I believe have been whispered through the ages regarding labour/child birth.

It is the most wonderful, miraculous moment in time and should be looked forward to with Excitement. Here are my top ten tips, I hope you derive some comfort and pleasure from these and take on a positive mind-set.

Tip1 Know that’s it’s Wonderful - Create the right mindset, look forward to it. It truly is Wonderful.
Tip2 It’s a strong sensation - You’re aware of the Sensations which build and grow, allow the Excitement to grow – Your Child is on its way.
Tip3 Make it Pleasurable - It was all I had dreamt of – play soothing music, music which you’ve been listening to throughout your pregnancy, your baby recognises this. Dim the lights, create the right ambience, make it a clean zone, light scented candles, whatever makes You feel relaxed.
Tip4 Take Control - Concentrate on your Breathing from the Beginning. Slow your body down, take Control of your own body.
Tip5 Let Gravity Help - Walk around, Roll on the gym ball (fantastic!) it’s a great way to help the baby get into position and wonderful for you. Get on all fours and crawl around. Let Gravity do its thing.
Tip6 When it begins, go and do something – go shopping! - Don’t feel like you have to stay in when it starts – I went to the circus! Go window shopping or go for a walk around the block, whatever you want, don’t feel trapped inside.
Tip7 Go to the ante-natal classes - Classes have moved on in style between my two children. I can’t recommend them enough. Truly fantastic and very focussed on involving your partner.
Tip8 Involve your loved one - Involve your loved one, take them to classes when available. Tell them how you would like the setting to be when you start the first stages on labour. Let them help to get the setting right, practice rubs/massage now so you know what you like and don’t like – best to tell them this now so they get it right on the day!
Tip9 Self Help, Tens Machine - For me the Tens Machine and rolling round on the gym ball were a wonderful start to the labour. Taking control from the beginning is amazingly intoxicating and will see you through. Use your partner to rest on whilst you’re on the ball, talk to them, tell them how you’re feeling – you could be thirsty, don’t forget to eat and drink plenty.
Tip10 Enjoy the Miracle of Life - Know that every sensation you feel is taking you that step closer to your new baby. It is a miracle which can’t be put into words, but you will experience. Allow yourself to Enjoy this most precious, wonderful moment – which is just the beginning….
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