Liz Lacey

Contributor: Liz Lacey

ex-CEO of two Arts/Education/Training companies, most recently Director of Culture Campus Liverpool, was Theatre Editor of,
writes witty articles/features for anyone who will pay her.

Started running Burlesque and Vintage cabaret after dealing with comedians in the 80's left her with a yen to return to showbiz roots. Set up "Retrosexual" evenings at the Royal Court Theatre in 2006. Since then worked with the Racquet Club, Zelig's, and most recently Lenny's Smoke Bar and Grill.

Now devises shows,books artists, comperes, writes/broadcasts PR, and provides new and unusual ideas to help other creative businesses succeed. Lectures at LJMU,Liverpool Community College etc in Personal Development, and Events Management.

ALways seeking work!

Tip1 Have a pretty,picturesque venue; a grimy room with a lager-pooled floor just doesn't do it
Tip2 Remember that Burlesque and Cabaret performers like to be paid, on the night, in CASH!
Tip3 Book your acts early;the good ones are always busy
Tip4 Be prepared for the odd disaster;the incompatible CD, the late-arriving compere (not me!), awful sound system, girls glueing their eyelids together with eyelash glue ect
Tip5 Most acts last about 3 minutes..what are you going to give your audience in addition?
Tip6 Try and get hold of a You-Tube or MySpace clip of an act performing
Tip7 Don't trust photographs alone; they don't give you any sense of how a performer really works with an audience
Tip8 NEVER let the acts be glimpsed in costume before they go on stage
Tip9 Have a proper dressing room, Burlesque performers work very hard on their costumes and don't want them damaged
Tip10 Burlesque is not "Stripping With A-Levels", the vast majority of performers are thoughtful,inventive and talented, often from a theatre or dance background and frequently with degrees and doctorates. They are usually girls,although there are a few "Boy-lesque" performers, and EVERYBODY likes looking at a pretty,cheeky performer,so no need to keep your spouse away if you are going to a show..
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