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Contributor: Guy Woodland
GUY WOODLAND was born in Karachi and has lived and worked extensively in Australia, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Portugal, Brazil and the UK. He studied at Blackpool and Fylde College, earning a diploma in professional photography. He owns, an online global picture resource and operates internationally as a photographer.

He was co-founder of Cities500, founder of Woodland Publishing and a co-founder of Shanachie Publishing. He has published a range of books that include the popular photographic studies: The Life of Chester, The Life of the Gateway Theatre and the Life of Liverpool along with the architecturally focused book Shed KM; he also published World Heritage City, the acclaimed photo essay book inspired by UNESCO, and was co-author of Liverpool: The First 1,000 Years.

He was also responsible for publishing a collection of show-biz celebrity Mike McCartney’s photographic memories in the critically acclaimed MMLL - Mike McCartney’s Liverpool Life.

Other books include a special two volume book to celebrate the famous Open Golf Championship for 2006; The Friendship Arch, celebrating the links between Shanghai and Liverpool; the ‘Icebreakers’, commemorating historic British and China links; In a Kingdom Far Away, a collection of Russian folk tales; Urban Reflections - focusing on Europe, the Middle East and Africa; Wirral Waterfront, a photographic tribute to the peninsula; and to support the efforts of LIVE8 he published Mike McCartney’s LIVE8 book with endorsements from Sir Bob Geldof and Sir Paul McCartney. Latterly he has worked on Go Superlambananas: The book; Liverpool: World Waterfront City and Blackpool: The People’s Playground.

Currently working on The Ruralist - a look at the people and life in the countryside of Gloucestershire.

Tip1 You have to love every minute of it.
Tip2 You need to take photos all the time. Produce a diary or create a project.
Tip3 Keep everything simple - don't go gadget mad (a Magnum quote " A man, a Leica and a 50mm lens dropped anywhere in the world will get the definitive picture).
Tip4 Digital - don't let the software and computer do the work - 1 exposure, film or digital should do the job.
Tip5 Edit edit edit - selection is critical, too many of the same gets boring.
Tip6 Do you want to see more - presenting work should be kept to a minimum of pictures, better to have someone ask to see more rather than fall asleep because its boring and repetitive.
Tip7 Editorial - photographers are recorders and a photograph speaks a thousand words.
Tip8 Buy a light meter and through it understand light.
Tip9 Photography is all about light and that moment in time.
Tip10 Love what you do - passion is the motivator.
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