Being a potter
Being a potter by Adrian Tilsley
The Clay End Our pottery starts life in the "clay end", traditionally a term used in the potteries for the clay preparation and making department known individually as the slip house and the casting shop. Phil is responsible for making all of the clay ware from mixing the clay to forming the...  more...
Being an Artist
Being an Artist by Ken Hayes
Most "professional" artists have some sort of lofty mission statement, with lots of key buzz-words and gobbledegook, but fortunately we don't. We kid ourselves that creating one would give the company boundaries, and by definition real artists don't work within boundaries, but the truth is that...  more...
being an artist
being an artist by Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown was born in Liverpool on New Year’s Day 1961. He is an artist, designer, illustrator, musician and composer. Studied Graphic Design and Illustration at the Wirral Metropolitan School of Art and at the Liverpool School of Printing. His work moves freely between contemporary...  more...
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