Being an Artist
Being an Artist by Ken Hayes
Most "professional" artists have some sort of lofty mission statement, with lots of key buzz-words and gobbledegook, but fortunately we don't. We kid ourselves that creating one would give the company boundaries, and by definition real artists don't work within boundaries, but the truth is that...  more...
Labour & Child birth
Labour & Child birth by Kate Liddell
I had my first child at the age of 33 and my second at the age of 39. I’m in a loving relationship, he and my children are everything to me. I would like to dispel the beliefs that I believe have been whispered through the ages regarding labour/child birth. It is the most wonderful,...  more...
Working in fitness
Working in fitness by Maxine Bristow
A Bit About Team MAX Take it to MAX was established as a direct response to the demands and pressures of modern day living. Following on from this Team MAX (which operates as part of Take it to MAX) was setup to further develop a concept of well-being, healthy living and to ensure the...  more...
On Living a Fulfilling Life
On Living a Fulfilling Life by John Walkley
Before setting up John Walkley Associates, I completed a 30 years career with ICI, Unilever, The Industrial Society, and Royal Insurance. I completed an engineering apprenticeship and a postgraduate course in management (Diploma in Management Studies) and then worked in the food industry,...  more...
On baking scones
On baking scones by Francis McEntegart
I like to cook  more...
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