Working as a Graphic Designer
Working as a Graphic Designer by Mal MacKenzie
Mal has been running design consultancy for 8 years. He studied graphic design in Northwich, Illustration at NEWI in Wales and has a MA in Multimedia Art from Liverpool John Moores University.  more...
Being a product designer
Being a product designer by Ilsa Parry
Ilsa Parry is a product designer active researcher and qualified lecturer in three dimensional design, a creative practitioner with an interest in all fields relative to the design process. Ilsa owns a design consultancy and is also creative director for the REthinkthings product...  more...
On working in the music industry
On working in the music industry by Bob Young
Songwriter – with Status Quo for 42 years and counting. Tour Manager – Status Quo 1968-1981 Singer/Songwriter/Recording artist – with Young & Moody (Whitesnake guitarist Micky Moody) Manager – Joe Echo Author – various books Rockard Merchandise co-creator...  more...
On being a writer
On being a writer by Nicholas Allt
Have lived life in other countries. Have travelled extensively. Have broadened my outlook to other opinions. I have emigrated 3 times when my own city grew too small. I have never seen closed doors or signs - only openings. I believe in creation, and not in per-chance. I have had an outer-body...  more...
On being a sculptor
On being a sculptor by Andrew Small
I have over fifteen years of experience as a lead artist and sculptor, working on commissions ranging from large-scale public realm works to furniture and film. Trained in both fine art and design, I am particularly interested in the wider roles art and design play in our everyday life and in...  more...
Being an artist
Being an artist by Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown was born in Liverpool on New Year’s Day 1961. He is an artist, designer, illustrator, musician and composer. Studied Graphic Design and Illustration at the Wirral Metropolitan School of Art and at the Liverpool School of Printing. His work moves freely between contemporary...  more...
Changing career - becoming a doctor
Changing career - becoming a doctor by Frances Cunningham
I am a GP working within Cheshire, but I haven't always been. My prior career was in nursing, but I had always fancied the role of a GP but had the wrong 'A' levels. I had just been promoted to the role of nursing sister when a chance encounter with a mature medical student opened up a world of...  more...
Being a university lecturer in law
Being a university lecturer in law by Kiron Reid
Kiron Reid has been a Lecturer in Law at the University of Liverpool since 1994 and previously taught Law at the Universities of Leeds and Kent. Kiron studied Law at Bristol and trained at the Inns of Court School of Law. He lectures and tutors in Criminal Law to first year students, and in police...  more...
On being an accountant
On being an accountant by Peter Taaffe
I trained and spent 11 years with PricewaterhouseCoopers, qualifying as a chartered accountant working in the London office on multinational audits before transferring to the Liverpool taxation department. I became a senior tax manager and associate member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation,...  more...
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